FutureTV-2011 – call for papers published


This workshop follows up the successful 1st Workshop on Future Television, held at EuroITV 2010, Tampere, Finland. At that time we focused on how Web-TV integration could make much more possible that simply pasting Web content over the TV program, or giving the TV viewer a hard-to-use Web browser on their screen.

The growing amount of data available on the social and semantic Webs, APIs to access and manipulate that data, and trends towards common identifiers and metadata schema allow future television new opportunities to link TV viewing with both the viewer’s personal Web profiles on social networks, and with social activities across the Web also from friends and similar people.

The second edition of this workshop will build on research, services and results from the NoTube project, bringing NoTube experts together with the wider iTV research and enterprise community to explore the new possibilities inherent in social Web, semantic Web, Linked Data and semantic TV to produce future, new, innovative services and platforms for TV which is more personal and more social. This goes beyond the existing state of the art social TV through the introduction of open Web standards, semantic Web technology and Linked Data content.

Further information can be found at the workshop website and via the full CfP.


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